Of Immigration and Nation Building

Many people from around the world were at some time an immigrant or refugee within their family history. Our ancestors fought hard to build new countries and territories. Being part Native American as well as my wife, gives us a sense of connection to the land. For thousands of years my forefathers and mothers learned to live off the land with a survival spirit that is the subject of great novels and movies.

Another part of me, the European side, takes pride and at the same time humbles me, as to the great triumphs that were achieved and the massive obstacles they overcame. This is what builds a great nation and it provides people with a connection to where they live.

There is something awesome about feeling connected to where you live. A sense of pride and knowing that deep inside resides a spirit that can be called upon to defend what you and your ancestors have built.  America and Canada have forged similar paths with different obstacles and different solutions. Both Countries have their moments of shame as we comfortably sit in our homes. Mostly, it is of  pride and patriotism when we take a moment to realize what we have here.

New people who come to well established countries can't feel that connection or sense of pride. Overtime, some immigrants have made great contributions to their new homes and can start to forge a sense of being part of something bigger then themselves. The Irish built settlements on the harsh Canadian east coast, the Chinese built the railroads, the Scotts built stone buildings and bridges. The Italians built up Toronto and Montreal, etc.  Many of these examples were experienced in the US as well.

My concern is, what will current immigration provide that will tie them to the land to make them proud and patriotic? I look to the Southern US, where  Mexicans are overwhelming some states. What will they provide to connect them to their new home? I'm sure some will make great contributions, but what about the majority of them?

Here in Canada we brought in hundreds of thousands of Somalis, who's ideology is so backwards from ours, I just can't see what it is they can possibly add that will just end up taking away from our culture. We brought in thousands of Jamaicans and I have to admit, many of them are likeable people. With their laid back ways and zest for the easy life, can be quite engaging. However, what can they do that will make them feel at home here? I always hear them referring to Jamaica as, "Back home man."

Within all these communities, there tends to be a large criminal base. Why is that? Lack of economic opportunity is obvious, racism, and diverging cultural norms are probably a big part. That has always been the obstacle of any people from anywhere at any time, yet past populations overcame and built great societies.

I don't say, stop immigration or treat them badly, I say, what will they do here to make them feel connected to the rest of us and our countries?

How can people leave their past behind them and make a home in a foreign land without the pride of knowing your people took a part in building it.

Basic survival is an obvious answer and we should make way for that as a compassionate society. I ponder how a person who lives in an already great and successful nation can just move to another country where they have no roots? For example, if say, a Japanese citizen moved to Australia to suck off the teat that, that nation has built.  They will refer to themselves as Japanese Australians. How sad that they now live in a land that they can't take pride in and left a land that their forefathers fought for and built, just so unappreciative little twats can go and foul another great nation.

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