Oh...Em...Gee, it's Ess...Jay...Gee!!!

To REALLY make the blog section a truly incredible place to read/write and have fun I have tried to bring back the best blogger of all time...SJG "strghtjcktgrl". Apparently she has been quite busy but says she will do the best she can. I have not spoken to her in quite awhile but just this very day I received an e-mail from her. I must share it with you all...

Dear Deunan, I thought I'd write and let you know what I've been up to since I was last around EBW. I quit my job. I was sucked into the dark underbelly of the internet and spent way too much time on places like cheeseburger and world's cutest ball of yarn. I decided instead of just gazing longingly at the biggest bottle of ketchup on Stumble, I'd get out and see it. However, this may have been a bad decision on my part. First stop was the airport. Apparently, they don't like it when you refuse to take your shoes off because you forgot to put on socks and don't want to walk on the nasty airport floor. So, that led to a very interesting moment with a pair of rubber gloves and tiny, not very well lit room. The nice TSA lady (that wart on her nose did not make her look like a reject from the Wizard of Oz), made sure that I'd not need another physical exam for a long time. Anyway. Finally got on my flight and ended up in Columbia. The country, not Columbia, SC where the big ketchup bottle is. My high school Spanish wasn't exactly up to par - but I did know how to ask for beer. Of course. That lead to my meeting of this really nice guy named Pablo at the airport bar. He offered to show me around the country. He was very rich and even had his own body guards. But, my, did they ever had a non ending cold. Constant sniffling. The worst thing happened when Pablo and I were visiting his hometown of Cali. The police mistook him for someone named "el jefe" and arrested him. Oh, the monkey just grabbed my water. I need to catch the lil' bugger. Those reincarnated Dali lamas are ever so sneaky. I'll write more later. SJG

We all look forward to hearing from you again, IN THE BLOG SECTION...SJG.

Disengaged Deunan
Uploaded 02/08/2013
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