Oh for fuck's sake

You guys really want to know how to get rid of Neko or whoever is currently trolling the blogs?  Remember Lord Infamous, remember SpellCheckMod, remember at least a dozen other annoying, no talent cocksuckers who clogged up this section with their literary turds and one starred good blogs and left shitty comments and hit below the belt?  Remember what the true EBW bloggers did to make them go away?




We rose above and didn't read their blogs, didn't comment, didn't rate.  And they left.  There was nothing here for them anymore.  But most of us will continue to support the trolls in their behavior because this may be more interesting than anything else we have going on.  And that's long as you're okay with being an enabler.

This troll business has happened before and it will happen again.  The good bloggers go of to our various other haunts until the dust has settled and then we return.  Some of us even post here because we don't give a fuck if we get a one star rating or if someone leaves a shitty comment.  We realize that this is the internet, not the real world and no matter how cool someone's avy is, they're still the same as faceless to us.  I'm not in the habit of getting my panties in a wad over some troll.  I DON"T GIVE A FUCK.  One star the shit out of this fucker and it won't make or break my day.  I would just like to read a decent blog on this site that isn't about an ambiguously gendered denim douchebag and his/her many internet personas.  REALLY. 

I'm Sheza, and I want you to sit there and think about what you did.
Uploaded 06/28/2011
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