Oh fuck - another political blog

Yes, another political blog.


Now I know wallboy is getting ready for all the negative Obama comments, but what he doesn't know is I don't like either party.

With all this economic upheaval, I have lost about 56k in stocks/pension fund and the rest of my investments.  But why am I writting this blog?  I was watching Your Money on CNN - and even they can't ignore the fact that things are not getting better.  But what pissed me off was their attitude that people are going to have to get used to having a much lower quality of life.

The economies of many first world nations is based on a faulity fundamentals of credit expansion / currency manipulation but how come the common man has to be the only one taking the hit.  I still see the CEOs of many mega corporations making millions of dollars in bonuses - and I don't see anyone in government doing anything about it.


When the shit does hit the fan, I really hope the people take to the streets and give the big boys in the corporations and the government what they deserve.


and before wallboys shoots off about Bush and the Republicans - Yes those fuckers are to blame as well - But you have to lump those fuckwad Democrats in there as well


(just a little something extra I wanted to tell my fellow ebaumers - well, those who actually have to work for a living)

I see the government lieing about unemployment figures, 10% my ass.  Shadowstats puts the figure around 17%, and using the criteria they used during the depression, that rises to 22%.  The government is also doctoring the GDP figures (the rise in GDP was due to cash for clunkers and the 8k government gimme for home buyers)



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