Oh my fuck....

Why can't anything be done about Mizuka?

How is she even a mod?


Sure... people like to see half naked Asians... no question there.


But do we really need a mod who deletes comments because they are against her? While she ignores half of the feature comments that are most definitely spam, but on the other hand gives her muchly needed views on her content... which to her is much more important than what people really think of her personally.

Do we really need someone confronting everyone who ever says anything bad?

Do we really need a mod that makes up her own rules, while breaking the ones clearly written in the Terms of use policy?

Do we really need someone who lets all of this "power" go to her head for example when she said  "I'm a celebrity, you should listen to me"  "everyone loves me"


I've spoken to 3 mods who have called her, and I quote "insane".  I couldn't agree more.  If she's insane... why is she a mod?  If you don't like that she harrasses fellow contributors and even mods, DO SOMETHING!


I should put faith in the fact that all fads die.  What was once popular becomes stupid. "Celebrities" wash up.... but if we all do that, we'll only feed into Mizuka's ways until people stop liking half naked Asians.... which might be a while.


Is it going to take a personal attack on everyone from Mizuka before the general opinion of her shifts?



Uploaded 09/03/2010
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