Oh no, a homo?

So here are some random thoughts on repealing "don't ask don't tell.


If your in the service you would have to assume that some of the people serving with you are gay. So what's the big deal. If your some sort of major league homophobes I can't imagine you would take the chance of sleeping in a huge barracks with a bunch of other men. Therefore you wouldn't be in the service in the first place



I've been around a fair number of gay guys and none of them ever tried to feel me up, pinch my ass, pull off my pants or other such things. Although one friend of my wife and I who wanted  to buy our house asked if I came with it.   Ah Shucks.



On the other hand our military leaders seem to be all about having an effective fighting force so if they didn't want this maybe it's not such a good idea.


I can't see some guy in a fox hole somewhere,with bombs going off and bullets whizzing by his head, looking at the guy next to him and Thinking," uh oh, I better watch out, that guy is gay."


Tried to Imagine being the only guy in the shower room and being surrounded by fit, young, nekked women lathering up. Yeah, it could be a distraction. Just keep staring at the cold water handle.


So a guy on the radio was talking about the sensitivity training that the soldiers have to receive as a result of eliminating D.A.D.T.  They are not supposed to use the word "homosexual" as it is insulting. Rather they should say "gay."  HUH?  So the PC movement has taken us so far from sanity that a well excepted and completely accurate dictionary defined word is now an insult. And a word with a completely different meaning used as a slang is considered proper and polite. And this was on NPR so it HAS to be true.

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