i have been waiting and waiting for a fellow service member to point this out, but no one has. for all the nay sayers and fear mongers out there saying that government run healthcare will not work or will severly hinder our care giving abilities i got some news for you: the U.S. already has socilized healthcare! GASP! we do?! who are these communists?!? who are these socialist assholes that  are obviously dying in the streets because of a lack of propper care? well......the United States Armed Forces thats who.


the program is called Tricare and covers all branches of the military. it is a kind of hybrid plan using the best ideas from the british and canadian healthcare plans. the plan allows you to go to government run health care facilities (hospitals) and doctors as needed or to private practitioners and then reemburses you for any out of pocket expenses. it works people. even at its lowest approval rating (80%), it was higher than any other system of insurance in the private sector. by the way, this was during a time when the Bush administration was underfunding VA and Tricare by billions leading to horrifying backlogs and heinous conditions(see: Walter Reed Medical Center). as much as many of you dont want to admit it, socilized medicine works. Tricare has been rated the insurance plan with the highest customer satisfaction for six years running.


i dont know about you guys, but i dont want to be saved from government run healthcare. it is working just fine for me. and if it is so bad why dont we do away with the militarys version? well because if you did you would have a shitload of pissed off soldiers at the steps of congress breaking down the door.


the capitalist healthcare system just doesnt work. healthcare run by money doesnt work. pharmasudical advancement driven by a profit margin doesnt work. healthcare should have been the sacred cow that wasnt touched by capitalism. money has distorted and contorted the actual goal of doctors from trying to heal people to trying to become rich.


Tricare would be the golden standard to go by in my opinion. why has this system not been tapped as the way to go? i have a clue and i bet you do to. the drug companies and insurance companies would surely loose their collective asses if we were to go to a plan like this. this is the major roadblock to real healthcare reform. 


greed is serving judgement over your sick grandmothers, not a ficticious death panel.

blame the real evil people here: insurance companies and drug manufacturers.

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