Oh the beauty of the college days...

You know I laughed at my dad when he said that when you go to college the party scene is totally different....Well he was exactly right I still remember freshman year when I would just barely know 2 people but those people knew 10 people and so on and so forth. Then you got invited to a party like every weekend just from the strange social circle's you were in(time of my life I might add). Then the girls I don't know why exactly and I am not saying all girls but most just wanted to hook up with every decent looking guy they saw(definitely didn't mind this either). I remember once I barely knew a girl for 10 minutes when we went back to my dorm to hook up. I never did find out her name.It was just crazy how when I was in college how it was just like one giant party the whole time I was in it. I definitely wish I could go back and not be in the "real" world anymore. If you have some crazy story feel free to share!
Uploaded 02/11/2012
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