Oh The Time I Shall Waste

Each and every day this site kicks my ass and steals from me. I log on to see what's new in the featured media sections (piss-poor showing for a long time now), then head on over to the blogs for a little who's doing what update.


Intended minutes turn to hours...this site is sucking my personal time dry. Time I could use more positively. Who knows, maybe in the time I've wasted on ebaums I could have solved world hunger, or found a cure for that nasty little AIDS thing that seems to be going around. Instead, I read Dirty's dirty thoughts, Blue's addictive rantings, Ell's scathing comments, Bo's perspectives from the War-Time generation (just kidding Bo!!), creepingjennie's often creepy thoughts and happenings, Awfuljackass' pure explosion of all things offensive, haUmight's ability to keep positive in a down-right shitty situation, killerisme's hot-ass avatar, gnome's 'perky' sarcasm, eshel's muppet capers, Megalomaniacal's insight and hillarity, et cetera et cetera. I know I left off a ton of people, but any more and I'd lose another hour of my real life. (I didn't forget about you, "angie". Usually you don't come to mind unless I'm forcing a hard shit or cleaning up cat vomit, but you're still a fledgling member of team blog.)

I'm sure a lot of you have encountered the same problem. Maybe 'problem' is not the right word, but an addiction is an addiction. This site has made me an irrelivant information addict. "IIA" has a nice ring to it.


I would like to thank each and every one of you who blog on a regular basis. You are my dealers of death, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for giving me a reason to sleep in past my alarm.



Cheers mates!

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 01/04/2009
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