Oh yea the birthday thing..........

Oh yea it was a nice night and we just drank until well I will let you know when it stops. I did get an I-pod for a gift which is like giving a steering wheel to a horse. lol Just kidding I have spent the day loading up all my Hank Sr. and Hank Jr cd's. Tomorrow I will do my Bob Seger and then onto my rock and roll. WOW I love this thing. I also got a little 4 shot pepper box derringer. The damn thing shoots 38's and it is cool as hell, the thing is although you don't get a lot of presents when you get older you do get the cool ones, now where is that damn lap dance. lol   Hey guys just wanted to say hi and I am here EVERYNIGHT from now on and PLEASE stop in and say hello. I too am registered on the ebaum tv but as of yet I am not smart enough to get into the blog section. Funny part was I thought I was one of the cool guys but I just ended up being one of the throw aways. lol I think I will survive how about you guy's?   Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 02/13/2009
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