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There are a couple things that I am going to say and I want EVERYBODY to know I am pissed because I find myself having to defend someone I dont particularly like. I waited and waited for some lady of women's rights to jump on the Palin blog but nooooo! See ladies I dont like Palin but what just amazes me is how women can just try to destroy another woman and just for the sake of an argument lets say Palin is the devil and a bad bad bad person. Here is the problem ladies and I am going to do this because I have daughters and I know the way things are going it will be many many many years before you ladies will be anything except "first ladies". Maybe you guys need to realize you haven't even had the right to vote for that long, blacks have had it bad in this country but I think women have had it worse because it still goes on today. Wages are just the beginning of the unequal treatment that goes on STILL today. Next time you feel like putting down a strong woman maybe you should write it in your diary instead of making yet another anti-woman statement. There is a fight going on in this country and if you ladies aren't careful you will play right into the hands of the men in this country by fighting amongst yourselves. When you put down a strong woman all you are doing is pissing gasoline on a smoldering ember.


I hate to make this political but I dont want you to assume something that is not true and by that I mean NO I did NOT want to vote for Palin but I was forced into it because I was going to vote Hillary but once again the choices were lean VERY LEAN. SJG, I am sorry and you know I love you and I dont really disagree with your blog subject but I am a "man" so women keep on feeding me what I want. In four years at this rate we WILL have another MAN in office...hell the way things are going we will always have a MAN in office.


NO NO NO I dont think anybody should vote for a woman just because she is a woman.

I love you Samantha and this was for you, (DAD) Bohank

Uploaded 07/09/2009
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