OHIO Smoling BAN !!!!!

This ban is so fucking stupid. See the thing is that I understand the no smoking in restaurants, because kids are there. The thing I don't get is the ban on somking in bars, pool halls, bowling alleys, strip clubs, and other places like these. Due to kids have no place beeing in places like this.

Heres my view on the "kids". See we just had a baby and we don't smoke in our house or car anyware around my baby, or any baby for that fact.

But the thing with bars and such is drinking and smoking go hand in hand like doggy style and pulling her hair. plus kids have no place beeing there. Also what the fuck do people think,you have been able to smoke in bars and such for as long as I can remember. If you don't want to be around smoke when you drink THEN FUCKING DRINK AT HOME DICKFACE.

Smoking while drinking is a social thing, I just don't get why others don't get it. These places will lose money due to this, I see this ban/bill getting overturned.

Uploaded 01/17/2009
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