ok, for reals this time..... Best of 2010.

Alright....  My first blog was a shitty attempt at I don't even know what....  So, let's try again, shall we?

So, to pick the "best" videos of 2010?  Well, that will be hard, seeing as how there are so very many videos out there that I love for several different reasons.  I know that I have most of Mizuka's videos on my 'favorited' list, but that's just a ha-ha.

SO, here they are in no particular order


Alright, really what needs to be said about this video?  It's all sorts of win.  The only thing that I think that this video really needs is more length.  Perhaps they'll do the whole team, one at a time?  Here's hoping.  I think that the best part of the video is the totally amazing lighting effects at the end.  Stellar!


Ok....  So, everyone by now knows what autotune is.  So overdone that people have entire careers where you will never once hear there real voice....  So, it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to do this.  It's just the next logical step, really.  Shawty.


Alright, now I have no idea what song they're trying to mimic here, but it is well done (I assume) and does contain several internet meme's (Which I am fond of) without being the ubiqueous "best 100 moments in 2 minutes" style video.  I hate those videos.  Sure, sure; the first time it's all grins and laughs, but before long it's all the same clips over and over and over again.  At least these guys are trying.  What have you done?


What "best of year" clip colection would be complete without at least one car commercial?  Really....  I think that automotive manufacturers are the only industry that really even tries any more.  This isn't the best car commercial of all time, but certainly at least deserves mention for this past year.


There is not a single thing about this game that is not awesome!  Seriously....  Someone steals your protein powder and you have to chase him and pose your way through holes in walls!?  And really, the catchfraze?  NICE MUSCLE!!!  Brilliant.  This is frenetic crazy Japanese video game at it's best.  First DDR, then this.  It's all uphill from here.


Alright, alright....  I know that this is from well before 2010, but it was uploaded to this site last year, so I say it counts.  I love the Kids in the Hall, and this is a really random video of there's....  I'd go so far as to say a relatively unknown video, but it contains all the elements of classic humor.  A hick father and son on a farm, a pet donkey, and Hitler engaging in bestiality.  Classic.


Alright, my first featured video to make the list.  I like guns, and I like lego.  This is pure  win in every way.  I was stoked as hell when I saw this, and I still am when I watch it now. 


I know people like this.... And I imagine that this is what they could be.  I thought it was a good concept.  And I liked it enough to put it here.  You might not have seen this one yet, but trust me, it's pretty good.


The thing that makes this video work is the ending.  Goblin Warcry.  I lol'd when I saw that the first time.  Not the greatest video of all time, but seriously.  That was some good timing on a relatively small payoff.  Not the biggest joke, but for a video that I thought was going to be more about violence, it was worth watching.


Boxxy.   Really, what can be said about her that hasn't already been said??  You either love her, or loathe her.  But....  Either way, someone who can unintentionally take down 4chan deserves at least a little respect, right?

So.....  There you have it.  My list.  Sure, sure.  Not all of these may technically be from 2010, but who cares, really?  They're good clips.  So shut up.  Anyone can upload 10 different clips of epic beard man, but some of these you may not have seen, and I think that they're at least worth a look.

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