Ok. Here goes the best battle blog ever.Me v

Recently I have made many enemys. I admit they seem Right most of the time. But here it goes I will tear Them a new one right now.

Jk I has too little cares. But seriously bad gramer?? Me!?

I didnt think so either.Now i will Put on some sexxy music now for the mood. *inserts Buddy holly cd*..Ah there we are..Ok now again I lied on my blog title but you people are allways out for blood. You guys make me laugh.I have been pondering why my gramar is lacking.I realized i am lissdexic. Also I learned to type while playing team fortress.I Know that has nothing to do with punctuation but I no cares... Ya see Its not an accident i dont spell check or punctuate. So please Keep telling what i speel rong k? jk If you correct me more than once in your lifetime on Ebw You should reconsider Your choice about not having killed yourself long ago..

Back to the fun happy stuff. Why do i Sign my blogs as being the leader of zombies?? Is there more to it? Do i actualy posses real life zombie armys? Well Yes ,Yes I do...WHy the fuck do people care to read others battle blogs?? I dont. Ok sometimes i do. Ok i like to see people get mad. I usualy like to scream at strangers in person, but ebw is a close second. Why doesnt ebaums have any tucker maxs? or maddoxs? or even real ultimate power? I will tell you all why..Maybe later i need to reheat some pizza. The zombies kept me up all night.

Well I am gratefull this holiday season for Getting some early xmas presents,AGain thank you santa!!. George carlin and berny mac.....Santa how did you make both deaths look like natural causes? You surprise me every time crazy saint nick!!!you sooo crazy...But i did ask they die slow painfull deaths....I am a little dissapointed but its the thought that counts so thank you...You guys know any good polish jokes for the holiday season??Omg spontanious QUESTION OF THE DAY

WHAT IS THE MOST FUCKED UP JOKE YOU KNOW? hmm cap lock i could have corrected that hmmmm.....

Matt the literal Leader of the zombies.and the polish...


Lol eshel you are a pathetic attention whore.There I won that battle and no one can dissagree.Honestly you are funny but you try to much man. I dont disslike ya. Seriously man relax.Its a website not wife..Or pet.. So fuck that crap i gots a joke to win this !!

How do you impregnate a retarted girl without touching her? you cum on her shoe and let the flys do the work.

What is the sexiest thing about 24 year olds?There are 20 of them.

Lol relax fellow bloggers we needs fun n jokes not this attack matt the leader of the zombies crap....Lol much respect

Matt the leader of the zombies now ethel .jk its a joke have a sence of humor i dont need some long preachy whiney battle


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