Ok Here is my contribution world.


  Alright I got about 32  1star ranks on my last blog.  That's Nothing new for me.  But I was just thinking ,What would you consider your funniest entry here on EBW? It doesn't have to be funny itself .  Maybe you had some realy funny horrible shit said to you as a result of a light hearted joke you posted for your friends. Or maybe You drank too much and wrote some nasty shit about the wife you infected with Aids.I am as allways unable to comment. Like old times...  But Realy I would say my anticaturday comments on my gallerys would be my favorite contribution here.  People are So fucking stupid. I origionaly considered my "Asian peek-a-boo" gallery to be my number.  It was deleted . It was an adult entry that had what appeared to be an asian girl stripping gallery. But the last 2 pictures reveal its got what can only be described as AntiAgra. The one before the Big finale had a slight reveal that could not be confirmed till the last. If you saw it Then you either laughed or cried.  God I hate the admin that deleted that.... It totaly followed the rules. It was like an internet crying game. I also had a post about asking how I should ask my girlfriend to get an abortion so I wouldn't have to tell my wife.

Eh well Fucks it I is out BITCHES.



Matt the leader of the zombies as always

Uploaded 05/26/2009
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