Ok so after i log day.........

i am back.....yay go i have been working in the family business lately since i dont have a real job. i work with Wilson Custom Cues. its me and my uncle :D hes a pro pool player and i just help build pool cues and rebuild and recover pool tables. its pretty interesting work. i like it. pay sint massive but i make a couple hundred on a good day. we usually sell our sticks or "cues" from $300-$700. and were backed up right now like damn i have to work every day on the damn lathe and turn down wood to the correct thousandths of an inch,put in the joints, build the shafts and stuff while my uncle does the inlays. the diamonds and the points in the stick.

so thats what i do every day and have been doing all day.

but now im home and im bored...and extremely tired......i never went to bed last night i stayed up till around 6 and then i just said screw it. went and got a shower and went down to the shop and started working.

im in a ramdon mood today also...i wanna become a mod on this site. haha laff at me idc honestly.

and oh btw im leaving my avatar up. im with my friends with this. idc and i dont beleive it to be true. you guys know what im talking about.

im still no luck on finding my civic Si. its kinda pissing me off really. im gonna build it from the ground up soon as i get one.

so you guys tell me whats new these days on EBW that have i missed in the last 12 hours?

Uploaded 07/29/2008
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