ok so i think everyone should......

go to the joke section and read my joke called "No Toilet Paper" and give it 5 starts or w/e you think its worth.

and ok now that i got that over with i think we should just go on with our days on EBW and so phuck the mods. for the ppl whos getting banned hmmm im sorry. most likely im gonna be next for no apparent reason. wooo go me.

so tonight i made some Pasta Fagioli Soup. its really really good. i really liked it. its made with hamburger meat,pasta shells,red and white kidney beans,chunky pasta sauce,crushed tomatoes,tobasco sauce,black pepper,olive oil,celery,carrots, and a few other things i cant really think of.

that soup was my supper and i made like a friggin gallon of this shit cuz i figured id have some friends/family over to eat wit me. much to my suprise no one came :'( but oh well thats like a week fo soup for me. blah imma get tired of it

and yeah this blog.....totally random and idc lol after supper i mixed me some Jager and a Monster Khaos energy drink. im fresh outta red bulls which are my fav but this does just as well.

im done randomly talking now



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