ok so im the biggest

internet noob ever........yup indeed i am. EBW blog section is set to my home life goal is to become a mod on EBW! hahahaha



ok so no im none of the above. im a slight computer geek and i do have my homepage set to that and i do wanna become a mod. it is not my life goal.

im just randomly thinking about my life, im kinda pissed/upset cuz all i hear from my parents is the word "cant" over and over and over and over. its fucking gay. i start college august 18th for business executive degree. i wonder if they are gonna fuck me over on this too and tell me i cant? damn that makes me so mad....

i have saved 3 grand over the last few months working. im only 17 so i cant really get a good job yet. everyhting i had was like 7 dollars an hour. so i couldnt really save that much. im trying to buy me a looking for a 2000 honda civic si with a 1.6 vtec dohc motor...........that and only that is acceptabe....doesnt necesserily have to be a 2000 model i just want one within 3 years 97-03. and it has to be a manual 5 speed. under 80k miles would be amazing but 100k is acceptable.

im bored outta my freaking mind  with writing about stuff like that someone pm me


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