Ok, you want a real blog, I'll give you a real damn blog

Ok, so I took the day off from work today, kill me, if it wasn't for this bitch ass hoe and her son maybe I would be working right now, Just needed some time to cool off...


Alright, put yourself in my shoes, I work for Charter Communications, once in a while the work sucks but the pay is pretty kick ass... So I pull up to the customers house, hey, the cable isn't working, ok, no big deal, lets go check the tap on the pole...


Well his neighbor decided she was gonna pull a fence around a pole, on land she doesnt even own, well regardless if she did or not, we still have full access to any area that our lines are in. The gates were locked, and no way in, except for a 2 foot crack between the gate and the fence, oh yea, a trash can was in the way, so I moved it.


Well we entered the yard, no one was home at the house in the gated area, and went to the pole, to find that the lady with the gated yard has cut her neighbors line, Ok, so I'm pissed off, I mean it was a very clean cut, even with the ground, so me being me, I was gonna replace the line down the pole, splice it in and roll, no harm done, right... oh so wrong...


Well the owner of the house shows up while me and the guy I'm training are working, starts screaming at us and say what the fuck are we doing in her yard, ok so I'm getting pissed, but I hold myself, my trainee starts to explain to her that we have access to where ever the cable lines are...


Ok, well I was on the ladder the entire time she was screaming and yelling, we she ended up leaving after a few mins, by thins time I'm off the ladder, pissed and trying to finish up so I could get the fuck out of this crazy bitches yard... sure enough her wanna be gangster son shows up, now I'm hot. He walks over and askes me for my name, I'm pissed but I gave it to him, I started to shake cause I was getting so mad...


He then asked me why would I move a garbage can and go into a yard that wasn't mine, I laughed, I said a garbage can is quite the way to keep people out right, he started to say some bullshit, I cut him off, pointed at the customers on the other side of the fence, and I told him, Why don't you tell these people I can't fix their cable after you cut it intentionally? The customers went off and said why do you have to be such a dick, why are you and your mom such assholes to everyone, I busted out laughing, and I was like wow even your close neighbors don't like you.


Ok, so then he was leaving but before he went he said, my mom is on her way back over here, I said that's fine, hopefully we'll be gone by then, I started to pick up my trash and tools, putting my ladder on my van, sure enough, this bitch rolls up and starts screaming in my face, I laughed and walked away, then she starts screaming in my trainee's face, I told him don't put up with that get in the van, so he did, then she said she's going to cut the line as soon a we leave, so I told her we're gonna be back in no time to replace it with a aerial line, so do whatever you have to do.


I went back to my customer's house and said what the fuck is wrong with her, he told me she's just a grumpy bitch who has nothing better to do with her time but piss everyone else off, I also told him that she said she is gonna cut his line after we leave, he said he is gonna take care of it this time, God I hope he blows her fucking head off, and fucks her son in the ass, talk about making my day, you guys just dont know the shit I run into everyday...




Uploaded 10/28/2008
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