Olberman the douche

I am writing this blog to convey my feelings of disgust and shock concerning the recent shooting that took place in Arizona.

Everyone has heard of this and there is no point to go into details, but the jist of it is that a man killed several people in his attempt ot kill a congresswomen.

I am surprised and bothered deeply that there were people killed that day and what bothers me the most is that a little girl was killed. I beleive that there is a special place in hell for the man that commited these murders.


The reason I decided to write a blog about it is because I just watched a video on youtube where Keith Olberman calls out conservatives and blames them for the shooting. He says that Palin and Beck are to blame and that they should be removed from politics.


What a disgusting person he is. To take the deaths of several people and try to spin it into a political tug of war is absolutely sickenting. This is a perfect example of how out of touch these politicians and media figures are. We are normal people and deal with normal everyday problems and hardships. when these kinds of events happen the last thing we want is for some talking head to tell us that he knows everything and that his opponents are to blame. For fucks sake, we just want to absorb what happened and mourn for a while before you start trying to buy our votes.  Is that too much to ask.


If anything, when an event like this takes place it is time to put down your liberal or conservative identity and act as an American and as a human being.  I don't care who you are, the only person who knows why that man killed those people is the man who killed them.


And before any liberals jump on me for calling out olberman keep in mind that if any conservative said or acted the way he did I would be just as mad. Honestly for all I know they have and if that's the case they are just as sick.


I say fuck these monkeys and lets start listening to each other. We don't need some asshole with a huge paycheck and a bigger ego telling us how to act and feel. All we have to do is open our eyes to what is around us and accordinly. We don't need these idiots and way too many of us are dependant on what they have to say to decide how we feel.


I say fuck these goons

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