Old and cranky TOO, part Three......

I am fed up with the Democrats blaming the Republicans for stopping the passage of the new 'oh boy you are going to pay" health care plan. The republicans, being the great reach across the ilse people that they are, nooot! did come up with a couple of options and you wouldnt even let them get voted on. I dont know of ONE person who says we should leave H/C alone but you make it seem like anybody who is against a public option is saying just that.

Dear Pelosi,

This is ALL your fault, EVERY DAMN PART OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I have daughters and wonder who will they look up to in this crazy world and there you are, selfish, childish, and uncompromising you country dividing BITCH! This was something that could have been done by YOU, all you had to do was find another way or better yet consider another way but NOOOOOOOOO you want it all you GREEDY BITCH. When this H/C bill fails and I think it will the reason it will fail is because everybody knows the one and only thing that could make or break this bill is to eliminate the public option and if and I said IF you cant get that done then do something to move in the direction of fixing the problem. Something, anything is better than nothing, ALL of you are suppossed to be smart intelligent people ACT LIKE IT!

Anybody with a calculator and half a brain knows this will NOT pass FIX IT!!!!!


Thanks for reading Bohank


Uploaded 11/17/2009
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