old bugs

I'm a big fan of classic american made cars. We used to be the leader of the world in automobiles before we started making cheap parts in other countries, our cars then started to get shitty and the buyers wanted foreign autos leading to us having to make shittier and shittier cars. There's no pride in American labor industry anymore and it makes me sick. But thats a whole blog in itself.

One old car I'm a big fan of is the classic volkswagen beetle. I'm gunna have to say when it comes to cars the Germans make the best. Audi, Bmw, Mercedes, volkswagen (the old) ...

First of all, bugs are so easy to work on a girl could take a bug apart and put it back together. Ya im sexist, fuck you.

Secondly theres so much you can do to them, for cheap. You can build a badass street racer, i mean one that beats fucking ferraris for around 5 grand.

Thirdly, they fucking float in water. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself

Fourth they're actually really fun to drive. Handles like a go kart, and the way they sound is just like it loves you back. Not to mention good gas mileage and really safe.

I had  a 73 bug, set it up for offroading, baja style. I could go places my brothers toyota couldn't. and I was on spare tires lol.

I plan on getting another one. Hopefully a old 50's with the split window, put a big flat four in it, make it street. Rag top? aw damn thats hot ha ha.

Uploaded 11/28/2009
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