Omg For realz!???The true bluenote Revealed.maybe.

Ok so bluenote sent me a message. I am unsure if it is realy him but the letter went on to explain how he is mad at the world for his "situation".He is pretending to be this pseudo straight guy, when infact he is a poetic pillow biter.Honestly neither one of these would have surprised me.He continues his rant telling me he would like to fart my semen.That was kind of spooky but i continued to read on.It went on about the size of his junk and how he would compare it to a quarter of a hot dog. Then he suggested we go to nathans for a bite.By this point i am wondering why would bluenote email me this confession.Well after a few more lines of his letter he asks me to explain my turn ons, and how he hoped we could meet in person.He asked me also if i was an animal what would i be? also what animal would i find attractive?He goes on to explain how he collects costumes for his furry party orgys.Having actualy been sickened to the point of vomiting i respond to this heart felt letter.


Hello  Blue

Ummm I dont know about the whole farting my semen thing.sounds kinda gay man...Realy gay actualy.And I dont care if you are gay thats cool to me i dont care where you poke your meat so long as i dont have to see or hear about it.But it is funny how often you use the word vagina on your blogs .Dont worry they seem fooled.Um i have no intention of talking about my dangley parts.And i dont like nathans....haha..Umm so Those furry oorgys sound fun but i dont want to go .I dont like butt sexz with men.Im happy your having fun ,Dont forget not to get tested .


Matt the leader of zombies and basil monsters,


Umm so i decided to make this knowledge public,so that you all can help our fellow blogger.It is ok man we accept you please continue the fascade of mad heterosexual.We all think its funny are very complex.and you love the "bagina"..


Omgs i cant believe it.You all side with him? eh well im not surprised its a polularity contest and i dont dedicate my life to blogging. Ty for the good music taste comment .Yes i do think its funny to watch people jump through hoops trying to defend one another.Oh look up jack whites cover "crazy" by gnarles barkly. Oh Blue Yea i did actualy call out elimem first .But he was alot more funny than you are.Its kind of sad the whole gramar thing.So hung up on it....well merry xmas and i think a straight guy doesnt say vagina that much without hiding something....Gay....ahem that was a cough...

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