On Being Called a Racsist

I was taught at a very young age that we are all equal and I still feel that way today.

I always had respect for all races but sometimes would join in the undignified jargon of the day. Not because I was racist but because that's what kids did. People also made fun of me sometimes. Most of the time it didn't bother me but once in a while it would sting. As a result it has not broke me down to look at others differently. However, I am not sure how I would be today if every day I was taunted and my family and friends were treated with disrespect. Might have lost it over time in a cumulative fashion. It has been many years that the black man has lived with the white man. Perhaps the pain and misunderstanding has gone on too long? Not sure how it will play out.

A problem I see here in Canada with new Black, and Arab people is a kind of fear of each other and white people. Their fear and hatred towards each other and to white people could not have been fostered here, perhaps in their original countries they had reason to fear all who were different. Probably for good reason.

Most of the new Arab and Black families coming to Canada are actually very easy to get along with and are good people. I live in a middle income area and things seem to work out well.

However, in the lower income areas where there is a mix of all races coming together there are many problems. I suppose if just whites lived there, there would still be problems, but this is different because its like throwing fuel on the fire. Ultimately, it must be ignorance and fear that breeds this contempt for others in this situation. If we segregate them then there is no dialogue.Segregated communities always end up in turf wars.

A strange phenomenon I've seen here in Canada when a black boy, usually Somalian, in low income neighborhoods steals a bike or some other object from someone else. If the policeman goes to the door the mother comes out screaming "racist, racist"!! Followed shortly by other mothers surrounding the officer screaming "racist, racist" to which the officer just says "this is nuts" and just leaves. Now a lot of officers just say FIDO when they get those calls. it means "fuck it drive on". Not a good lesson to teach people, but if the officer pursues it, the courts drag him through the mud. You might ask why the other people don't yell just as loud? The answer is that in poor neighborhoods it's not good to support the police. You get beat up.

It would appear that these people have learned "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" no matter how ridiculous it is. The only solution I can see to this is to not let them come here. Before letting any immigrants come to Canada they must be screened for their attitudes to others. We must also cry foul when we see injustice done and take back the streets so that all people of any color can walk the streets with dignity and respect.


Uploaded 03/12/2010
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