On EBW user Kanif's debate about Marxism, Communism and today's

FDR's ideas were considered socialist, however, the new deal that he proquested was
partially onset by the war ravaging the world at the time. a wartime economy brought
stimulation of the economy and jobs, thus gave FDR the power to impliment his ideals of socialism to congruently stimulate the economy, while letting the government take control of big business. social security was a temporary fix that we, and our future, have to deal with now. saying Bush is a socialist is way out of your league of political debate. all i can tell you is that he is farthest from the definition of socialist. he relies too much on foreign industy (oil, textile, resources). On that note, if congress and bush's platform for the last 8 years hadn't started the war, there would be no war-time economy to help stimulate the economy thus thrusting us into the worst depression ever scaled since the beginning of the industrial revolution. so my point. yes Obama's plan for the environment is sound and believable, but the rest of his ideals sound like an infringement on freedom. fuck this bipartisan system.
fuck the republicans and democrats... having two groups divided on ideal just
because they can be is ludicris; this is not what our fathers intended

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