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Views: 67 (2)    *note: This is NOT a Hateblog, or a Battleblog, but it is a Rapeblog. Thank you.

   So my BF and I just returned from a rather nasty butt fuck before our trip to Walmart. We both had some shopping to do, and we wanted to keep it cheap and dirty, and that's exactly what Wally World is there for, cheap faggots, so we went. Sadly, the BF had some things for me to shove up his ass this morning, making our trip to WM a bit later than ant-ass-ipated.
   We arrived and immediately after we split up our assholes with eachothers dicks, he to get his womanly things and some lube, and I to get my manly things, and some dildos as well.
   The store was PACKED, to a degree that my asshole has never been packed before. (Not even when There was a huge double sided dildo and my BF coming inside me at the same time, which is occurring as I write this blog, and I suppose people just wanted to get Wal Mart out of the way before the rape hit.)
   The first thing I noticed was that some people were being extraordinarily rude, not moving or getting out of the way when they saw elderly people slowly pushing their shriveled cocks into my ass, I was carried by heavy carts as my ass was in stuck up the air getting rammed, and by no means EVER allowing their incredibly important conversations be interrupted by... Well, my ass being raped, actually. It was as if nobody existed but THEM, and that the world was here only for their ass raping convenience.
   After the elderly man finished on my chest, I finished getting what I needed, I went to one of the many, very long dildos I picked out, and took it to the checkout lines. The dildo I picked seemed to be the biggest-blackest one of all time, but, looking around, I saw that it was actually a bit smaller  than most of the others.
   A cashier to my left had been standing by her register, with her bra off, and having a conversation with one of her friends. Finishing the conversation, her friend left, and she said she could take me in a fight, I agreed.
   I crossed to her side of the aisle and laid my dildos on the conveyor belt. Before she began to ring me up, however, she needed, apparently, to make a very important phone call on her cell to tell her friends about me and what I was buying. So, I had the WONDERFUL experience of listening to her yell at one of her kids about something which I could stick up my ass later, and not to make out with the old men while she virtually ignored my dildos, and the long line of increasingly impatient and irate elderly men waiting to stick it in my behind.
   Finally, the sale closed, I took my dildos and began a fruitless search for my BF.
   I ended up texting him that I would meet him out by my old hooking spot. (Today is day 6 off the crack, ftw!)
   I received a text back from him that he was stuck in the ass with a huge black cock, with another cashier who didn't know how to put on a cock ring and a condom, and didn't know how to call for a fluffer.
   For the first time since we've been together, I sensed that my BF, a man who NEVER fucked a girl, was getting bi-curious.
   Finally, he was done, and as we walked toward the car, cum was flinging off his shoes, and he would not speak to me. I believe that if one more person would have said one word to him at that point, he would have fucked them in the ass.
So why is this blog for SmartBlackGuy?
Because EVERY SINGLE PERSON mentioned in this blog, who did all the rape, assfucking, ignorant shit with assholes, was White.
   And the people who did the right thing and wiped before taking it up the ass? Wished me a good afternoon with a smile after they came all over my chest? Asked if they could help in any way, offered me tissues to clean up there jizz on my face?
   EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was black or hispanic.
   You people who keep asking why I'm a faggot, here's a hint.
   Oh, and SmartBlackGuy is NOT dumb.
   Have a rape day!
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