One Little, Two Little, Three Little Generals.

What an immense tragedy that so many Generals have fallen so hard over sex. Well, that's what the officials and media are trying to sell us along with the possibility that secret documents or sensitive information might have fallen into the wrong hands. Give me a break, top Generals don't drop their pants for the honey pot without knowing full well who they are. So the top spy for the CIA, David Petraeus is going to expose the US to damaging communications or leaked and inappropriately placed files while getting his dinky stinky with some enamoured woman? Give me a break, that's a load of BS. 

I once knew a secretary that scheduled itineraries for top officials within the Canadian military  and it was full of inappropriate behaviour, sexual improprieties and just plain disgusting. Eventually, she became one of the attendants on the military flights and well lets just say, I have no respect for her. 

These affairs are totally common when men are placed in positions of power. And why is that? Or better yet why is it allowed to continue? Because, when the people at the very top are threatened they can dismantle the house of cards they built for themselves.  

When armies are at war and they capture an enemies General, it's pretty fucken serious, but when a General's own country takes him out over a little jiggy jiggy, especially when it's encouraged and provided, well that reveals a cover up of immense proportions. I hope we find out the truth, because believe me, what ever the reason those assholes responsible for this has cost the American people deeply, diplomatically, militarily and credibly. 

The enemy resides from within and the fish stinks from the head!

Uploaded 11/14/2012
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