One Man's trash is another ones treasure.

Hello ebaumers, long time no see eh.

Well that phrase has always been a part of my life. I never knew the true meaning of it until recently this year.

Being that I work on electronics for a living, I've turned for extra cash in Big screen tv's. 50 inch rear projections are still out there and plenty of them are dying. Thats where I come to play, ive done 7 or more so far this year, some was picked up off the curb, others were donated.

So, put a little money into these monsters, get em working and resell them up to 150 bucks each. I just sold one last week, that i put a .19 cent part in and resoldered a transformer. Sold it for $125 bucks. Price varies based off condition. If its a wood cabinet, then they go for $50. I know of alot of poorish people that will snatch these up when they can. And why not? Perfect for games, most of them that I do are hdtv, so you can stil watch a good movie on a quality screen.

So not only am I getting extra cash in my pockets, the comsumer can stil get big tv's even if they do live in the slumps. Plus, it also keeps those electronics out of the garbage and out of the landfields.

Saving the enviroment and making money, yeah that's what I do.

What do you do, or want to do to make extra cash on the side?

Till next time folks,


Uploaded 07/07/2010
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