One Man's Trash

As you may know, having a truck with an extended cab is possibly the most convenient mobile trash can in existance. I mean, why carry all your garbage to a dumpster when you can just throw it behind you? It's absolutely perfect. But yesterday, when I went to throw my McDonalds bag back there, something terrible happened.


There was no where for the bag to go. The extended cab was filled. I had always known that someday, some terrible day, I would have to clean it, but My God, I never knew it would be so soon. I spent a half hour preparing, gathering all the tools I would need to tackle this Beast. Garbage bags, Rubber Gloves, Goggles, Flamethrower. All the Essentials.


And finally, two hours later, it was done. Here are some of the priceless treasures I found back there:


- A pair of pants

- Three (3) college textbooks, each at least 100 bucks, one for a class I've never even taken.

- A box of Little Debbie Honey Buns

- No less than 23,000 papers

- Several unknown round, brown substances. Possibly Fossilized dog turds

- At least fifteen empty bottles of Vault Soda

- A bicycle-parts magazine

- A bag containing various PVC pipe adapters

- A day-planner from 2005

- A desktop computer keyboard

- Two graphing calculators


I guess it just goes to show you: One man's, well...everyone else's trash too.


Uploaded 03/19/2010
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