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I know there have already been numerous blogs regarding religion, including my first blog. But, there was a question posed on one of those blogs that was very profound and interesting.

The question was asked what would we do if we were able to prove or disprove the existence of God? One possible scenario was given and part of my response will be based on that, the other will be based on what is written in the Bible. Speaking of the Bible, I just want to say again, that I am a Christian and by no means am I trying to impose my beliefs on anyone. Some of you already know that by now.

Ok, lets say it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that God did not exist. The first thing to occur would be mass chaos beyond the scope of anything the world has ever seen. Riots, war, suicide, etc… would run rampant. Think about all the billions of people that would suddenly be without God. Christians, Jews and Muslims would all be without a God. People of the Jewish faith worship God, but they do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. Muslims worship Allah, which is Arabic for God, which happens to be the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews. So, as I stated you suddenly have billions of people without God. Suicide would occur on an epidemic level. One huge question that has puzzled humans for a long time is the purpose of our existence. Well, for Christians the main purpose is to worship and praise God. For some Christians that is the only reason they still live on this earth. Imagine a person who has nothing to live for except God, and that is suddenly taken away. Another reason would be the mere fact that many Christians would not be able to cope with the proof of God’s non existence and that would be enough to drive them to suicide.

Warfare of course would break out for numerous reasons, but I am only going to give some very basic reasons as to why. There would be a break down in many of the governments of the world, which would cause countries to implode due to rioting, suicide, anarchy, etc… Think about it. The new non-Christian would suddenly have the freedom to say, “Hey, no God?” “Alright, no more rules, no more laws and no more restrictions on my life.” “ I can do what I want.” Not every new non-Christian would think that way, but it paints a pretty grim picture. Countries not affected by this phenomenon would suddenly have the ability to wage warfare on it’s enemies, taking advantage of their new weakness. Maybe some people would turn to other religions or maybe some would even turn to the old Greek, Roman, Norse, etc… gods. The wiccans would certainly become very popular. Still some would not choose any religion and spend the rest of their days broken and empty.

I’m sure there are many more theories to that particular scenario.

Now lets look at the flip side. As a Christian, I base my answer or theory on the Bible, particularly the book of Revelation. Revelation was written by John, and it deals exclusively with the end of the world. With that in mind, if God’s existence was proven today, there would be no Christians left on this earth, the anti-christ would be in control of the earth, and even with all the plagues, natural disasters and warfare leading up to the final days, there would still be many people who would deny the existence of God. The world would be plunged into warfare and chaos and anyone trying to convert to Christianity during this time would be hunted, persecuted and killed. This will be the time of Christ’s second coming.

Ok, I’m finished. Sorry to paint such a bleak picture.

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