One nation under god?

Today at school I refused to stand during the pledge of allegience as a protest against the phrase "under god". Earlier in the year all I would do is refuse to recite the under god part of the pledge but today I realized that that is just not enough. Because if I choose to just say that then they win. By they I mean supporters of the phrase. Those people contend that if you don't believe in god or have any other problem with it then you can just not say it and everyone wins. This however is not the case because our country was founding on supposedly SECULAR principles which is not just freedom of religion but freedom from religion. By hearing under god I do not feel like I am being bombarded with religion but just because I can tolerate it doesn't change the point. I feel that this statement violates one of the core foundations of this country. I am just picking on the pledge because of the recent incident but there are obviously other things in our country with the same problem such as money.

This has nothing to do with me being an atheist.

So I ask you. Do you think god shoud be removed from the pledge? Please support your answer with some sort of intelligent reason, and, please no stupid answers.

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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