One night last November.

It was November 2009. My step mother, whom I love very much and consider to be my real Mom, had just left my Dad and filed for divorce after 35 years of marriage.

My Dad asked if I would move in with him because he is a truck driver and only home 2 days a week. He needed me there to watch the house in his absence and take care of the dogs. Considering our history, I informed him that it wouldn't be too long before one of us went to jail for kicking the other's ass and it would be a bad idea. He in turn made a good point about him only being home 7 or 8 days a month and we should be able to set aside our differences. I tried to make my case again with the fact that it was not MY differences I was concerned with. When he said he wouldn't charge me rent I had to say "Ok, let's give this a try."

It only took me 2 weeks to wonder why my Mom hadn't left his drunk, abusive, racist, sexist, egotistical ass many years earlier. We had spent a total of 5 days together in that 2 weeks and half of that time I was at work for fuck's sake.

A little Dad used to kick my ass for various reasons or no reason at all when I was growing up. He never touched my step mother though. I was too young and too small to efficiently defend myself. I landed the occasional blow but it never hurt him. His 6th night home last November is when the tide turned.

I knew when we sat down for dinner that the evening would end badly. Why the fuck didn't I just leave? Probably because this asshole had the beating of his life coming. Remember I am 5'7" 165lbs. My asshole fuckface Dad is 6' 210lbs. This could end badly for Deunan.

We had moved to the back yard for an after dinner cigarette. We were on the same side of the picnic table facing away from it. The verbal banter getting rather abusive on his end, I could see him tensing and getting ready to swing. Then, before I knew it, it was on! He was to my left and swung hard with his right and barely missed. His upper half was now leaning over in front of me. I connected with my right hand to his right temple. He rolled onto the concrete and I was on top of him fast as fuck. One hit to the nose and his head bounced off the concrete. He was out so hard he was

I was still on him, full mount UFC style, when he came to. I told him if he tried to move I would hit him again. His response..."I was just going to hurt you, now I'm gonna fucking KILL you."And I absolutely believed him so...I hit him again and again and again and again. When I got off of him his face was bleeding very badly, also there was a large pool of blood behind his head. From hitting the concrete I'm sure.

I felt bad and good! I called an ambulance because the amount of blood scared me. The police came as well. After I was cuffed and placed in the back seat the cop turned and said..."One question man". I said..."Fire away." He thought about it for a second and said.."He's beat you up your whole life hasn't he?" I just smiled and said "Yes he has." A minute goes by...."Then I'm really sorry I have to take you in brother." I smiled at that.

I spent 11 hours in jail, first and only time in my life. It was absolutely worth every single second of it. I found out later that my Dad had 3 missing teeth, a broken nose, a broken jaw, a cracked eye socket and a concussion. Again, I felt bad and good.

He lost the criminal court case. He also lost the civil court case. He wanted me to pay his $10,000 hospital bill. HAHA!!!

In conclusion...for all those kids out there that have to deal with a father like this...just be patient and your day WILL come!



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