One of the problems with christians

I have always been ardently anti-religious on here and that has not changed not by a long chalk. I am going to write a blog about three good reasons to put your head up your arse, but that may take a little longer to write.
    Blink456 would have us believe that since this isn't the crusades and thousands of people are not being butchered in the name of a God then things are ok, the only difference in today's society is that the people being marginalized are specific minority groups, Christians have not stopped persecuting people. For the love of a fictional god, look at what happens in today's world, where there are riots and protests over lesbian or gay people getting married. Yes, Christians are pretty harmless eh? So there are no families who shun their own children because they are gay? They don't send them to religious camps where they can "cure" their behavior. Before you Blink456, or any other pro religion person rush to refute this read up on it first, because it happens, it is still happening, poor children who some end their own lives because it is an affront to their parents religion. I love how Christians believe they have a strangle hold on marriage, considering its origins are from approximately 20,000 years ago, and all manner of traditions have come and gone between then and now, and as surely these Christian "values" shall fade in the sands of time, only I do not think I will be around to see it, but I will die happy knowing that one day it shall be gone. 

   Religion is a cancer, I am not going to try and dissuade you from believing in it because it isn't possible, I just could not read Blink456 when he said Christians are pretty harmless, that is not the case. But as for trying to make you not believe in God, I would not attempt, as if you are capable of believing in a thing in the sky that created everything, then no matter how sound an argument is, you cannot be won over. 

   I have used this analogy to explain in the past why people are blind to the realities of our society because it works in helping to explain, and it also helps to explain why people cannot see the realities of religion and how ironic I am using fictional characters to talk about a fictional god. I am talking about the Matrix. When Morpheus told Neo about the Matrix, about how if you are not unplugged from the Matrix you could be one of them, an agent, and people who are not unplugged are blinded by the Matrix, some so blinded they would even defend it. This example perfectly fits my argument why you can never speak about the possibility that God does not exist with a Christian. Those who are plugged into religion are blinded by it and will seek to defend it, even though it is a prison by another name. Say what you will against this blog, bleat against what I have said call me what you like for I am unplugged.
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