One of those political blog thingies.

A big thing on here seems to be who to vote for, and who the right candidate is to run this country. Personally I haven't been affected on who I'm voting for either way when I read someones blog. In general people take a position stick with it, and defend it as though if you disagree with them its a personal attack, instead of just a difference in opinion.

No matter which way you look or who you vote for, it all leads to the same conclusion some people benefit some people don't. That hasn't changed since there have been election it all depends on how much you want to benefit really. Or to put it another way "same mouthwash different cheek."

McCain has just a shady background as Obama does. It all depends on perspective, spin, and who you feel will help you reach your goals. Don't be ashamed of it, if you have a choice between two candidates you'll vote for the one who  you think is the least shady, and you in fact will be willing to overlook past trangressions in hope they'll do their job. Its kind of childish, but everyone is guilty of it.

In my opinion McCain will lose this election, it doesn't matter who I vote for, I live in Oregon, and it'll be a cold day in hell when a Republican Presidential Nominee wins this state. Thats just the way it is.

But the reason why he will lose, isn't because of the "liberal media" its not because of uninformed voters, or any of that other crap. He's going to lose because he spent  his campaign pointing his finger at Obama instead of focusing on issues, and of course theres the whole Palin deal but thats not needed.

Considering the past 8 years and how our President has led this country its no wonder that calling for change is what is catching peoples attention.


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