One step forward two steps back - Decisions

So I've decided to make a set of blogs related to my employment each titled One step forward two steps back, and then a sub-title seeing as everyday there's something new to bitch about.


 I had been laid off for 2 weeks prior to last, and worked 30 shitty hours last week.  I found out that even though certain supervisors would periodically ask me to perform tasks on a fork-lift, for material handling... which is my original job there... I was being paid min wage as a general laborer... something I didn't find out about until Monday morning of this week.  People should know what they make... jus sayin.


On Sunday I was called by my temp agency, and was told that I was being laid off yet again.  Understandable.  Not too much of the work they are doing is passing all of the stages of Quality inspections.  Being a material handler, my job is not productive, but more of a maintenance job. So this has nothing to really do with me... they just don't need someone there from my department. Or so I thought...    They called me Sunday to tell me not to work Monday during the day... but at 5:45 pm last night, they called me to work 6pm to 6am that night.  Even the recruiter said "This is ridiculous... (company in question) just called asking for 5 general laborers for tonight... they expect me to find people... and I'm on call... not even in the office".   I told her the truth... I was going to have a really hard time finding transportation on such a short notice... she asked me where I lived, and I told her.  She understood.  I called around looking for transportation, but was unable to find it.  I called her back, on the cell phone number she gave me, and I said "This is Bernadette calling, regarding the shift at (company in question).  I am unable to obtain transportation on such short notice, but if you need someone for tomorrow morning I am able to come in.  Please call me back if they need people then. My number is: .......  k thanks bye"   No one called me back.

See when I signed up with them, I made sure that they made a note on my file, that I am without wheels, and thus can only accept full time positions, such as the one I applied for and achieved.  I made it very clear to them, that I am simply unable to work odd shifts in different factories in different locations through out the area, on short notice because of my transportation issue.


Now... I've got this sick feeling that they are not going to call me back anymore.  There are thousands of temps working for this agency, and most of them are waiting to get into factories such as the one I am at, because it's full time, on going assignments, that sometimes lead to being hired on, as a full time - non-temporary employee with the pay increase, and benefits.   I think because I was unable to get there for that one shift, that I am either going to stay laid off until my original job becomes available again, or indefinitely.  I am hoping that they treat this as another position... like it is, and do not let it impact my original position...  I'm not sure if the company in question is aware, or willing to comply with these restrictions for the sake of keeping me on for the long term.  I highly doubt it.   But before this shut down/ rework period, they were talking about hiring me on.  They gave me a picture ID card, company swag, and everything.  Now I think all of that is fucked up because I denied one general labor shift.  I can only imagine what they think of me over there now.  Unreliable, lazy... those words come to mind.


It sucks... I was basically unemployed for over a year before re-registering with this temp agency.  I did odd jobs here and there, but was unable to achieve any of the 87 (I counted) positions I applied for, and followed up on, during that time.   It also sucks being the low of the low, and facing the uphill, against the wind, battle for some of the most simple things.  The vicious cycle of... "can't buy a car, cause I have no money... I have no money because I can't find a job, can't find a job because I don't have reliable transportation"... and so on.  "Can't afford to go to school, because I don't have a decent job, can't find a decent job because I don't have a post secondary education" .... "can't gain enough experience to qualify, can't get hired on because I don't have the experience to qualify"....  low of the low. 


I am just extremely fortunate that I have a boyfriend who understands, and who takes pride in financially supporting the both of us... not very well... because I still need a job in order to move forward with any of our short term, and long term goals... but he keeps our head above water.  



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