Oneiroalogy of my dream i just had. :

          I always dream, and its often like an adventure! Today i dreamt of a bee stinging me in the hand because i smacked it but didnt want to step on it, so it fucking stung my plam! lmao,I also pulled out the beating stinger an on the other end it had tiny little metal tube like a mechanical pencil grafite. Then i was in this huge cliff that (bee was outside as i sat on the log talking to someone) had shit built inside like a huge appartment complex (7-10stories), with stairs all the way too the top on top, lots of rooms (i found knive sheeths, and 1 bad ass super sharp machette like a wide tanto shape). The building as i explored it had some Huge (!!) garlic cloves hanging randomly lol, i love garlic so it was cool.                                                                                                                                                                                             But there was also this Lime stone texture looking blue moss/fungi thing " that some dude said i should eat because its good for your health" i doubt it, and went on to find the rest of people (there seem to be 5 of us). When i talk to people in my dreams they give me an intelligent responses like : what time it is exactly, what he is doing, what we will do next etc.....not like : Me-"hey what time is it?"....Stranger-..ohh its past pink zebra pizza train!....Me-"ohh shit im gonna be late," (altho used to happen back in the day)....

            My psychology teacher told me that the people talk back and make perfect sence because im actually talking to myself, which makes perfect sence. Anyhow after i found the others i had an Ak-47 that some woman was holding resembling my mom and everyone was trying to blame her for shooting some guy (i had a cut scene played right away in a few variations of what happened) then it all became like a bad mel gison movie ( he was in the dream as well)...some wear wolf like animal was my pet and i woke up shortly after searching a few rooms down the hole. Not the most bizzare dream ive ever had, not even close but interestingly vivid none the less. FIN.

Uploaded 10/24/2011
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