One's Loneliness

What a wonderful thing being on ones own right? One thought so but how wrong one was. From growing up in a house of four to seven people at any given time to living in an apartment of one brings such loneliness one could not imagine unless having experienced it themselves.

One starts to miss the mindless chatter and pointless arguments. Missing so badly the irritation one’s family brings. Wishing with all one’s might to go back in time to a point of utter confusion and shear chaos just to have the memory of company.

Being so lonely that it drives one to invite mere strangers, that one has no feelings for, over to stay the night or even weekend just to remember the feeling of having people around. One giving up one’s morals and standards just to keep said strangers around for a few more hours.

Even the pure rage one’s mother brought out does one miss. Longing for the days of noise, fights, drama, and crowds of people that one hated so badly does such loneliness bring. This leads one to wonder if another has ever experienced such loneliness as what one has described or is one truly alone in one’s loneliness.

Uploaded 07/22/2008
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