OOPS There Goes Another One!

The government always tells the truth, but what if the President told a lie? Would you still believe him? If someone out there has an explanation for this I would love to hear it. This guy is your President, I think that means something or at least it used to. Well here we go!


Barry ORegan                                                                           Nowpublic

Media darling, U.S. President Barack Obama,talked about the importance of Veterans,seems to have pulled a Hillary Clinton who is known for misspeaking. A trait Hillary Clinton is known for, and President Barack Obama's handlers during the U.S. Presidential election took full advantage of at every opportunity to discredit Hillary as Presidential material.

On the podium talking to the American public on CNN, U.S. President Barack Obama mentions his father served in the U.S. Military during World War II and when his father returned after the war, his father was grateful for the veterans services which were accorded a war veteran like his father.

While admirable to say this about his father, his father was not American, so what veteran service in which country is he referring to?  Another small problem being is it seems the liberal media like so many sheep took his word as gospel and without question.

Another small issue is when U.S. President Barack Obama's father, Barack Hussein Obama Senior was born, it was  April 04, 1936, thus his father was just 5 years old at the beginning of World War II and was just over 9 years old when World War II ended.

Barack OBama's biological father died in 1982.

Now some may say U.S. President Obama may be referring to his stepfather, another problem arises, though his stepfather  Lolo Soetoro was born before World War II, the fact is his stepfather was born in 1935 and was 5 years old at the beginning of World War II and was all of 10 years old at the end of World War II.

His stepfather died in 1987.

Both fathers would be in the Guinness World Book of Records to accomplish such a feat of bravery. The fact is, neither fathers ever served in any Armed Services in any country. 

Now many in the media chastise the public over Obama's country of birth, his Islamic roots and not being born in America.  Though he may not have been born in the USA, his biological mother Ann Dunhan is American.

The puzzler is, if President Obama still insists his father served in World War II, perhaps he is referring to a biological father that the public, the media and including his own biological mother does not even know about?

Yet when Former U.S. President George W Bush talked of his military service the media dug deep, leaving no stone unturned to find out everything about former President Bush's military record to look for untruths.

In ending, when is stated by the public, politicians that the media is bias, one wonders about truth in news, when it is clear many in the media have their own agenda, preferring to hear what they want to hear, and ignore the rest, thus doing a disservice to both the public and their news organization at large.

Now that this story on the examiner is public, what else is U.S. President Barack Obama misspeaking on?   Certainly distressing considering the New York debacle in which President Obama sides with a religious group over the wishes of the American public who put him in office.

Somehow Hillary's misspeaking of dodging Bosnian sniper fire on an official visit seems more plausible than U.S. President Barack Obama and his tall tales.


I've chatted with this author a few times, he knows his shit.

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