Open your mind.

It seems that most of the people I meet are just narrow, and shallow minded. Judge not, less ye be judged.People are afraid. They are afraid of what they don't understand. If a man walks into a room full of people, he's got filthy clothes, a foul smell, and he is butt-ass-ugly. What do people do? They avoid him and talk about him behind his back. Listen, this man could be the most interesting and kindest man to have ever existed. Yet, you judge him.This man tries to live his life day by day, he loves life, he loves everyone he meets. And you just sit and laugh. Laugh because he's not like you. He doesn't fit your standards.Ask yourself "What the hell makes me so superior? What gives me the right to talk others down, and make them lower than myself?"I'll tell you why. You're jealous.You are jealous of this man, because you can't be this happy. You can't wake up every morning, excited to live your life another day. You are jealous of this man because he is kind and polite. He greets everyone he sees with a smile and a handshake. You are jealous, yet you don't know you are jealous. You people get so caught up in peoples appearances and their ways of life. You need to be pretty, famous, rich, talented, just to have a happy and peaceful life?This man is homeless. He has not lived indoors for several years. He has been stepped on, pushed, kicked to the ground. And yet, he gets back up. He gets up and flashes that big toothy grin of his.Sure, he lost his home, family, all of his belongings. He has NOTHING.Nothing, but inner peace. He is glad that he can feel pain, and that his life is shit. Because he knows he's alive.He doesn't need materialistic things to make himself happy. Just smelling the air, and being able to show his true colors. He can dance and sing in public, and act like a fool.But, goddamnit  he is alive!He can feel pain, dispair, misery, and woe. And yet, he is glad he can feel these things.Because it is a sign of life my friends.This man is the happiest person alive, because he opened his mind.

Uploaded 09/22/2010
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