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He sat in a public place reading, people walked by with their bags from various chain stores. On their cell phones talking to who knows. Eating fast food. Pulling children around by leashes. Looking over weight. Teenager boys dressed as their favorite rocker. Teenage girls dressed as their favorite prostitute. Jungle music leaked from the clothing store.

Animal farm. A book by George Orwell. In my opinion, it explains why anarchy doesnt work. Later on it shows the evils of communism. I dont want to go into detail of the book, but what Im trying to get at is that we all need leaders and idols. Naturally they should be our parents, at least until we move out.

In modern day America, it is cool to be rebellious. No child has respect for their parents. When a parent is removed, from the position of leadership in the childs life he or she must find a replacement.

The scary part is that it could be anybody, because at that age the child is so innocent and inexperienced, they will chose the most interesting or fascinating person to be their idol.

For some reason also in America, we put a lot of Hollywood actors in the positions of idols. I still dont understand why we turn to them for answers to so many difficult problems. Watch the news for 15 minutes and youll know what Im talking about. Its almost like theyre oracles with some divine knowledge. Actors are idiots. We need to stop glorifying bad people, maybe our parents arent doing a good job for the next generation of kids, but at least make their idols and leaders a little more socially acceptable.

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