Organic Foods

So my parents are going threw this "oh, we only buy organic food now" phase, which is looking less and less like just a phase because they've been doing it for the past couple months..

it didn't bother me before because i would just go to subway or pinera or something and buy my own lunch, but since i was unemployed for almost a month and then don't get my first paycheck with my new job untill tomorrow (thank god!) i havn't had any money, so i've had to rely on what's in the pantry for food. And the only places they shop at are Whole Foods or Costco

instead of fruit and veggies we have organic dried mango chunks and organic dried snap peas, instead of milk we have soy milk, which i actually like so i can't complain..just making a point

whenever i complain about it they say "just tell us what you want before we go to the store and we'll get it" but what before was "it wasn't on sale" is now "it's not organic" "it has high-fructose corn syrup" or "they didn't have it at whole foods"...

right now i'm eating a bowl of organic cinnamon twists, which is like frosted wheaties except without the frosting and next to zero flavor..

is it so much to ask for a little cancer causing flavor in a snack??

Uploaded 11/20/2008
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