Orgasm... yeah...

Recently a few illiterate trolls have been saying shit about my bf that I feel I need to clear up.  The shit is getting repetitive.

Neko, WC - At least I'm with someone.  And if you could read properly, he doesn't play WOW, nor does he refuse to have sex with me.  In fact, he plays a totally different game that is free to play if you so choose. Sometimes on the odd occasion he will spend a little money on it, just like I sometimes spend money on online games.  But it's absolutely nothing like WOW.  I'd also like to point out our wonderful sex life, like it's your business.

If you refer to the blog in which all of this bullshit originates (  you will certainly see that the problem lied in him not having sex with me for a second time in the same day (fuck I don't even know why I'm explaining it to you retards)... and part of the reason was because he was tired from fucking me the first time...
The reason I wrote the blog was because it was unusual for him not to want to finish me off if I don't have an orgasm the first time... which is very rare.  Because of it's rarity, I got pissed off, and was very bitter towards his choice to play video games instead.  If you're wondering, we talked about it, and he apologized.

We do indeed have a very healthy and abundant sexual relationship.  With that being said... me and my bf have probably had more sex in the past 2 years of being together than Neko and WC have had in their entire lives with anyone... except maybe WC's left hand... but even that's questionable.   I would also like to add that he is very very good at what he does.  It's very rare that he doesn't make me cum, and that's why I bitched about it in the blog.

I know this is going to be really difficult for you to comprehend, because you couldn't properly understand the first blog, but you just need to know... you're wrong.... about everything.  You can choose to ignore this, but just keep in mind, you're the only ones who think that... and since what you say does not effect  the real sexual relationship I have with my bf... your repetitive attempts at insulting me with bullshit that me and bf know for a fact are not true, go to waste.

Thanks for trying...

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