Oriental Delight

The scheduling gods smiled down on me and what's her name today and we both had time off form work at the same time. We decided to use this time to maarathon Xmas shop and get it all done in one day (which we did by lunchtime). So we're on the way home and she says she wants to get her nails done and she had a surprise for me. Sooo.....


We get to the nail place and I go in with her prepared to sit throught the nail session (CAUSE IM HUMBLE AS FUCK LIKE THAT) (sorry don't know what came over me) as I was settling down she tells the cute little asian girl that I needed a pedicure. I fought the inevitable for a few minutes but eventually gave in.

I gotta tell you guys, while the pedicure itself was okay, having an adorable little Asian girl literally crouched down at my feet  , servicing me, massaging my feet and legs really got the old nasty Majorfathead going and I was having a hell of a time:

1. Being appropriate

2. not chatting this girl up (remember whats her name is right there)

3.Not getting a chubby from the attention

Well when all was said and done, what's her name was lucky I didn't throw her over the hood of the damn car in the parking lot and do her right there. Instead when she asked me if I liked it I said yes and she told me I needed to get it done at least once a month!

Hot Damn!






Uploaded 12/02/2009
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