Osama Bin Laden's Death " military standpoint"

Yea we got him!..


But I think back to that horrible day on 9/11 as a young Corporal. In our morning formation with the other Marines for accountability, when all of a sudden our Master Sergeant nearly breaks the door coming outside and starts yelling EVERY SWINGING DICK INSIDE NOW!. And what we saw was the first tower in 5 minutes of staring at the TV falling down. In that unreal moment in my life I, knew, we all knew.. We were going to war.


And now here I sit writing this blog from Afghanistan, but not with a smile on my face. Yes I am overly happy that the faggot is probably burning in hell right now and would love nothing better than to take a piss on his grave. Or to join him in hell to watch  him join Hitler in a pineapple shoved up his ass.

But the frowns come from what Ive seen on TV Hundreds of students dancing and parading around the streets of acting like jackasses in our Nations Capital. All patriotic and they were probably protesting the war in the beginning. Do you remember those Muslim extremist dancing in the streets chanting in happiness towards the towers falling and how that made you feel.. It sickens me that we as Americans are stooping to that level of Jackassary and acting the fool like the war just was solved. Were now no better than our enemy. Or so it looks now................

Its far from over and Ive been in it 8 months now to see it..

Now I find it amazing that my last blog I spoke of the pay freeze tords the military used by the president as a bargaining chip to get Congress to get off their asses and do their job for once.
You notice after that, his rating plummeted downward. And also there are reports released ( too late wikileaks ) that we knew where he was since August of last year. Seems to convenient to me that the decision was made now.I also find it strange that the body was dumped in to the sea.I find it strange........


Elections are right around the corner, But doesn't matter, here he is a now fucking hero..

 But what do I know. Im just a dumb JARHEAD stuck in this hell hole doing my job. And like many military we are not in trust .


Osama is dead and good riddance to him but were not going anywhere. And I will bust my ass since I left to ensure these asses wont be around for my 4 year old son to fight one day.
I missed almost 2 years of family and friends but itll be worth it in the end..hopefully and I pray for that peace, but sickly want it in the deep dark parts of my soul.

3 months and a  wake up to the real world.



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