Other Hobbies

Guess what, dumbasses. If you get off this stupid website for a while you might pick up some other neat little hobbies that have some sort of payoff. Why waste your pathetic lives? For example, I've been compiling research on a shitload of subjects. I might even write some books soon. Maybe I'll start a personal development blog that will attract people intelligent enough to understand what the fuck I'm talking about. I'm even training my cat to use the toilet. He's only 4 months old.


I don't really give a fuck though. You can stay here and continue pretending to be friends and blog about welding ships together (as if two or more ships really need to be connected), cheating whore wives, lame ass hipster music, how to "hack" this site, or whatever the fuck else.


A side note: No talented, hot, asian with an Australian accent would be wasting her time on a shit site like this. The blogs are funny and have quality, but stop being a douche. We all know you're a pathetic internet loser, pretending to be an asian chick. I can respect the typical geek that shows an abnormal interest in obscure things that most people don't care about such as comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, tech, or whatever. But to be geeky about a pointless website such as this one and acting like you're some type of ebaumsworld genius is especially pathetic. But we cool though.

Uploaded 08/04/2011
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