Our Boys On The Frontline

I like to think I'm just doing my bit. They call me a profiteer, they say the black market is "treason of the worst kind". Well, I say we all have our roles to play. I mean, a war like this is fought on more than one front. If morale fell, If the country couldn't support the boys on the front, then the Jerrys would wash us away in a month.


And you think these bloody ration tickets are good for morale? When a pound of mince is meant to last you god knows how long? And don't think for a second there's any fairness in the system, any equality. The toffs will always find a way to get around it, It's just the way of the world.


So is what I'm doing so wrong? I can offer cheap meat to rich and poor alike, none of that soul crushing bureaucracy. Tell me that's not good for morale. Especially when I tell them that their money isn't just lining my pockets. Oh no, it helps fund volunteer medic services for our boys.


And that's true... to an extent.


Course, I don't tell them everything my men in white do out on the front lines. I don't tell them how I'm able to get such cheap meat. It's such a waste of lives out there, At least I'm making sure they're not dying in vain. At least I'm bringing our boys home...

Uploaded 12/31/2008
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