Our Country is Bein Wussified

I don’t normally complain, especially on a public forum or blog, but I have to say I’m tired.  Not physically tired or worn out more like fed up.  This thing called political correctness and things similar to it are a very tiresome burden on society that just seems to be getting more ridiculous.  You know for a country that speaks of freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc… it seems that there are an awful lot of people in this country telling the average citizen what to do, what to say and how to think.  What is really aggravating is these people have no business telling anyone what to do, yet they will be the first ones to complain that their rights are being infringed upon when things don’t go their way.  I’m not going to point to a specific group or political party, but I am going to vent about some issues.


Disclaimer: I am by no means trying to impose any of my beliefs or opinions on anyone.


First of all, when did “we” suddenly become concerned with how the rest of the world viewed our country?  I put we in quotes because somewhere along the line all citizens of this country were categorized as people who care about our international image. Since when did that drive our foreign policy?  Our government cringes when there is public outcry about the illegal alien dilemma.  Yes, I said alien, not immigrant.  The Mexican government condemns our efforts to deport illegals, yet anyone trying to sneak across the border into Mexico from Guatemala takes their life into their own hands.  I mean come on, we ship illegals back to Mexico, and then we are made to feel guilty for doing so, yet Mexico has a harsher border policies than our country.  Talk about a bunch of hypocrites.  Why the hell should I feel guilty about sending illegals back to Mexico?  I don’t.  This is my country, I’m a citizen, I was born here, and I certainly would never march over to Mexico and demand rights that I’m not entitled too for not being a Mexican citizen.


Speaking of being liked by other countries.  Why should we care?  We are the most powerful industrialized nation in the world, and most of the world (I said most, not all) relies on us for trade and commerce.  I think the source of dislike comes from being the biggest kid on the block.  If we were a second rate country with no world influence, nobody would give a rat’s ass about us.  When Great Britain was at the height of its power, they were not well liked by the rest of the world either.  It’s pretty easy to bet that if you are the greatest nation in the world, other countries are going to hate you or suck up to you.


If I want to fly the American flag outside my home (Which I do) nobody is going to knock on my door and tell me I better put it away because it might offend someone, because they might perceive it as a symbol of oppression.  Would they rather I fly the Chinese flag?  Or maybe I could dig up an old Nazi flag or maybe these idiots would prefer the Cuban flag.  There are now schools imposing policies banning kids from wearing shirts depicting the American flag, because somebody might get offended.  If the American flag is offensive to some, then they have no business being here.


Speaking of schools, some school districts have done away with recognizing a valedictorian because it might hurt someone’s feelings that didn’t get it.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!  That is absolutely ludicrous.  How are we going to prepare future generations of children to deal with failure when they are coddled throughout their childhoods?


Oh and we don’t keep score in Pop Warner football/little league baseball/soccer/youth hockey, because “everyone’s a winner.”  If we keep score then we have hurt feelings.  And heaven forbid that we have cheering.  Cheering your child in organized sports leads to violence; therefore we don’t want to offend anybody by rooting for your child.


Hey, all you Democrats quit whining about Bush stealing and cheating to win both elections.  It’s over; it’s been over for a long time.  Get over it.  When you folks win you have the “In your face, self righteous gloating I just won a game of marbles type attitude.”  But when you folks lose an election, you scream cheaters!!!  Recount!!!! We were robbed!!! Get over yourselves, your not as well liked as you think.


You know what?  I buy Christmas trees, and give Christmas presents to my family, and I say “Merry Christmas.”  You can take that Happy Holidays crap and stick it up your... Anyway I’m trying to keep this as clean as possible.  Christmas isn’t just about celebrating the birth of Christ for Christians.  It’s about Santa Claus, Christmas lights, eggnog; I think you get the picture.  Truth be told, for those who do recognize the Birth of Jesus, December 25th isn’t even the actual date of His birth.  So, quit your whining about the whole Christmas thing.  If you don’t want to celebrate it then don’t, but do not tell me I cannot.


Listen.  There are too many people complaining about things that don’t matter.  Who cares if I say “Merry Christmas, as I wear an American Flag pin while I keep score at my son’s soccer game and cheer as he scores a goal, and then I applaud my niece as she receives the valedictorian award.  Come on folks grow up.  This isn’t Disneyland.  It’s the real world.        

Uploaded 06/26/2008
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