our neighbors found out...


about 15 minutes ago. we heard 3 loud bangs on our door. i looked at my mom, then grabbed a knife and looked through the little hole thing in the door. i saw my upstairs neighbor in the condo complex. i put down the knife opened the door and kindly said "hey".

she bitchly replied, "where's your mom, is you mom home?" i said yeah and asked if anything was wrong.

she acourse said yeah rudely then i simply asked "would you like to come in?"

then she had the fuckin nerve to look at me and say "im not going in your house!" before i told her to go fuck herself my mom showed up. then once that bitch saw my mom she started screaming "you got fuckin nerve, how dare you complain about us having sex, it's my fuckin house!!" then she was going on and on about how it's her house and she'll say or do whatever she wants.

now lets clear things up first. yes we did call the condo owner to let her know about the noise and how it wasn't good for me becuase i was 11 and soon after hearing it i started asking the "what does this mean" questions. but she was also saying how we're, and i quoute, "bragging to everyone about hard we go at it. screaming fuck me harder!!" which she does do.

but then for some reason, today, 2 years later she decided to bitch about it.

then she was saying some weird ass shit that i couldn't understand. mostly the word NO!

then out of no where she brings up the i take out my dog with no leash. no shit. the dogs trained and never hurt anything. now before the bitch even moved here we've been letting him out with no leash. and the kids outside would come to the dog, i repeat, came to HIM, and peted him. but no, she had the special kid and said if my dog ever bite him, she'd "fuckin sue you!"

oh and this is the best part, she called me a freak of a child (i don't care, im used to it, i guess being gothic is like armeggedon in human form to these people.) and said she never complained when she saw me kick my cat out of my house.

what the fuck!? i never kicked a cat!? the only thing ive ever done was i kinda pushed my cat so he knew which direction to go. other than that no ive never forcefuly kicked my cat or any other animal out a door.

so my mom told her off and went back inside. but here's some realy good news, i got atleast 90 % of audio from it. i couldn't record her face so i just recorded the noise. muhahaha. if anyone wants me to upload the audio tell me.

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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