out of the loop

     Just a reminder that I Viraldarkness am so out of the loop that i have no clue what's going on.  
     All i know is that pepperpeanut has posted her on the blog section more in the last 3 weeks than i can remember.
     All I can say is that some how I have become moderately known here on this site.  I make random ventures into the mature section, the joke section, even the picture section.  But nothing beats the blog section.
     we have people here making actual blogs, and sharing deep thoughts.  We also have others that post random blogs that aren't for me.
     But what we have here is a community at war, when we should have a group that can co-exist.
     Neko.  No offense, but you are a troll.  you have random blogs, and you use your alts to five star them.  But Hakik said it best a few weeks ago that you're a genius.  I found out what he meant.  Your blogs, and comments get so much feedback because you're controversial.  I'm not asking you to change that.  Just stop assuming things and trying to make it seem true.  By that I mean I am not RIN.
     Tyaeda.  Let Neko continue on here on ebaumsworld as he/she does.  If he/she illegally distributes your personal work, then get real law enforcement involved.  if not just let them go.  if your site can record visiting ip address's then give them to the police, they can track that ack to the persons computer.
     White chocolate.  be yourself.
     Tomlet.  Continue what you're doing.
     Rin.  Stop getting yourself accused of being me.  I hate it!
     Space eagle.  i'm so so about your blogs, either way keep up the work.
     Fuckyouiran.  Don't change a fucking thing.
     snafoo.  sometimes your blogs are completely the way I think, and other times they leave me wishing I hadn't read them.  either way don't stop.

     the fact is we all need each other, and if it's not us on this site, it's some bunch of d-bags that have no clue what they're doing.
     so please, for the sake of the ebaumsworld blogs, can we stop the petty childhood crap, and move on?
Uploaded 07/13/2011
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