Outside Looking In

I've been following the blogs and comments for a while now.  I guess you could say I've been lurking.  I've made a few comments, some in the videos and some in the blogs.  Having seen both, I can say there is a huge difference in the average IQ between the video and blog section.  Perhaps it has more to do with maturity than IQ, or maybe a combination of the two.  I don't know.

I made an account about a month ago, but I've been coming to EBW for about a year now.  I don't know why I waited so long to make an account, but I finally did, and here's my first blog.  Like I said, I've made a few comments.  One of them got three replies; one of which was from Rednote67.  I commented that I was not sure if I wanted to blog here because some people are so passionate about the blogs.  He replied: "we only hurt the ones we love.  The rest end up going back to trolling the vids and shit. lol."  So of course, I 'll be curious as to whether Rednote67 will reply to this with something "hurtful."  I won't feel loved if he doesn't.

I was thinking a good first blog would be my viewpoint over the last year or so, from the outside looking in.  Hence the title of this blog.  I sincerely hope no one minds or takes offense.  I know it seems presumptuous for me to do this in my first blog, but after the turmoil that has occurred in the blog section over the last month or so, I think some people might welcome my perspective.  I apologize in advance to anyone who feels I have overstepped my boundaries as" the new guy" on this site.  I won't address anyone's writing capability (except for one, you will see who later in this blog).  My intent is to give you my honest opinion of the content of the blogs.  Again, I've been "lurking" for about a year, so I do have something on which to base my observations.  The first three people I would like to address are the three who replied to my comment:  Rednote67, MajorFathead, and Sparks158.

I'll start with Rednote67.  You seem to hate trolls, and I suspect it is easy to get on your bad side.  I better be careful here, I promise I am not a troll!  Don't hate me!  Music is obviously your passion, and other musicians should exercise caution around you.  You seem to be the anti-troll, the protector of the blog section.  I give you a thumbs up.

MajorFathead.  All of your blogs are good,  I really enjoy the flash fiction because it generates more blogs that get pretty interesting.  Please keep doing those, I think I'd like to participate in the next one.  And by the way, you called me Mr. or Mrs. Lust.  It would be Mr., but I'm not accustomed to being called Mr. anything.  I'm not old enough for that.  Thumbs up.

Sparks158.  Your reply said "No pain, no gain, sucka."  I will take that as encouragement.  Your blogs are among the best, you truly have a talent for the written word.  I hope to be an accomplished author some day, but it seems to me that you are already an accomplished author.  I wish you would write more.  Your avy is scary.  Thumbs up. 

Next is SpaceEagle.  You are passionate, but not about the blogs.  Your fire burns in the political realm, and blogs are a way for you to get your opinion out there.  You have written blogs that are not political, and commented on other people's blogs that aren't political, so I suppose you are not bent on changing the world and are happy with other topics as well.  I see you as a worthy blogger and commenter.  Thumbs up.

Letemdangle.  You also like to blog about politics, but you also blog about your cool job working for the rich and famous.  I like those blogs better than the political ones.  You seem to be pretty level headed, and a peacemaker in the blog section.  I like most of your blogs and poetry.  Thumbs up.

Tomlet.  You are also very opinionated in the political arena, but lately your blogs are about your current situation with your wife.  Being a single guy in my twenties (with no kids), there is no way I can empathize with your situation, but it sounds like it REALLY sucks.  I hope things get better for you, and I hope your wife someday realizes what she threw away.  Thumbs up.

FuckyouIran.  I'll just post some of your comments:  "I live in Missouri, and I could give a shit about Joplin."  "Suck my cock Canada."  "damn I hate Canadians."  "Nothing like the smell of bloody vagina."  "Talking about rape... Why do women who dress like sluts try to press charges after I rape them? It's what they fucked want. A good dick in the ass."(sic)  I could go on with more of your witticisms, but I won't, they are too disgusting.  You are a troll in the worst way.  Thumbs down.

Frogbob.  You have written some good blogs.  I like your interviews, although they could be longer.  You seem to be trolling certain people, but friendly to others.  I think you're a hybrid - part troll and part serious blogger.  You seem to be unfazed by others who dislike you.  I'm not sure about you, I give you neither a thumbs up nor down.  Thumb sideways?  Yes, that's it.  Sideways.

MrsNekoJeans.  You are quite possibly the most caustic person I have ever encountered on line.  You seem to be very insecure and are possibly trying to compensate for something.  Perhaps you have an inferiority complex.  Perhaps you are a sociopath.  I don't think anyone likes you, yet you stay and continuously post very unkind comments.  Do you enjoy being hated?  And what's with all the name calling?  Butthurt faggot?  Attention whore?  Queer?  Reading your comments is like listening to a broken record.  The irony is you call others pathetic.  Seriously, people who resort to name calling are probably incapable of articulating a valid argument.  And people who argue over ratings are probably pretty insecure, as I said in the second sentence of this paragraph.  You attack people for no reason whatsoever.  You are a troll.  Thumbs down.

Tyaeda.  You are one of the more prolific bloggers here.  Your blogs are many, and they are long.  Really long.  Even your comments are long.  I like most of your blogs, but not all of them.  It seems to me that you are sensitive, and therefore troll-bait to the extreme.  Some of your blogs and comments make you a target.  But you are not so sensitive that you quit, and that's good.  Thumbs up.

JBoogie.  I'd love to meet you in real life, but I'd stay out of arms reach, just in case I say the wrong thing and piss you off.  Really though, I like your blogs and would like to read more of them.  Thumbs up.

NO_U.  You seem to go back and forth between being a troll and a mental retard who tries really hard but has no imagination.  You once spammed the blog section with some of the most disgusting images, and then you disappeared for a while.  You should have had your account permanently deleted for that atrocity.  It saddens me to see you are back and starting the cycle over again.  Thumbs down.

There are more folks I would like to comment on, but I think this blog is long enough already.  There is one more I should talk about though, and that would be me.  I think I can be a good blogger, but I'm not sure I will ever be an accomplished author.  I have good ideas for books, but I can't seem to organize my thoughts enough to get everything on paper in a way that makes the story flow.  Yes, I've tried, but I can't seem to get past chapter one.

Anyway, for the last year I have felt like a member of the audience.  Now I have an account and have penned my first blog.  I feel like I am now one of the cast.  Will I be pelted with tomatoes?  We'll see.  If I am, then I will dust myself off and walk away a smarter man.  In any case, I look forward to your comments.  I will likely stay in front of my computer for the next two hours, pouncing on every comment as they come in.  I can see this becoming addictive.

I am curious as to how this will be received.  Should I write a "part two?"

I bid you all a good evening.
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